The maintenance of Gaia Energy, the best for your company
27 October 2017

Gaia Energy Systems is an ESCO, an integrated services company for energy, which carries out global energy saving measures based on increasing the energy efficiency of the plants, in the industrial sector, in the service sector and in the housing sector.
E.S.C.O., an acronym for “Energy Service Company” or Company of Energy Services, has the objective of responding concretely to the growing need for energy savings and resources, present in both public and private users.

Gaia Energy has the status of EPC. It is a title that is a guarantee of high standards of experience, professionalism, efficiency and speed, always distinctive elements of the company.

Gaia Energy has built its success thanks to the culture of quality, consolidated every day by following the strictest controls and the highest quality standards in every phase of the business management process.

It is thanks to this impeccable conduct that Gaia Energy has obtained the SOA certificate and ISO 9001.

The SOA is the certificate that authorizes the company to perform public works.

ISO 9001 shows that the company is able to respond consistently and exhaustively to customer expectations.