Gaia Energy selects areas suitable for the construction of large photovoltaic plants
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Gaia Energy selects areas suitable for the construction of large photovoltaic systems from a Market-Parity perspective, i.e. the production of electricity from solar sources without incentives. The economic return is represented by the value of electricity in the GME (Energy Market Management) market.

The Gaia Energy Business Developing Team takes care of all the development phases of the project: the site search, the contractual definition of a leasehold estate, obtaining all authorizations and concessions from the entities involved, obtaining the estimate for the system connection, the executive design of the system and its connection to the National Electricity Grid.

To successfully complete the development of photovoltaic projects, Gaia Energy intervenes both with direct investments and in co-development with private equity investors or merchant banks.



Gaia Energy builds photovoltaic systems on extended surfaces like industrial factories rooftops by taking advantage of the opportunities granted by the FER (Fonti Energetiche Rinnovabili, i.e. Renewable Energy Sources) decree. The decree allows the return of the investment thanks to the incentives paid off over the years.

The Renewable Energy Sources decree is the incentive system designed by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of the 2030 decarbonization plan, and it introduces incentives for the production of renewable energy and the optimization of PV system performances.

The Gaia Energy team works taking on opportunities throughout the country by undertaking the design, authorization and construction phases of each system. At the same time, Gaia Energy also takes care of any roof restoration or asbestos remediation, working both for its own investments and on behalf of its customers.

FER-gaiaenrgy plants
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Gaia Energy, having always been attentive to all chances of providing technological solutions for energy production, has seized the opportunity provided by the Energy Communities regulations to bring forward to the market its business model for the construction of electricity production systems from renewable sources.
The Energy Communities allow citizens to consume energy produced locally thanks to shared photovoltaic systems, thus promoting a new concept of self-production. Choosing to become part of an Energy Community means choosing to give your contribution to the development of a more efficient electricity system.

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