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26 September 2017
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The maintenance of Gaia Energy

The maintenance service is designed for each individual photovoltaic system, in order to guarantee a correct and long-lasting functioning, optimizing performance and guaranteeing an economic return on investment, avoiding downtime and malfunctions, reducing management costs and significantly increasing energy production

Therefore every single contract of ours is studied and proposed specifically for the needs of any plant.
Our O & M services are based on four main points:

  • ordinary maintenance, , which may be semi-annual or annual, with the aim of checking all system components and preventing any malfunctions;
  • , consisting of a carnet of interventions included in the contract in order to minimize losses caused by unexpected shutdowns;
  • predictive maintenance, , performed by analyzing the statistical data coming from the remote control system and the data acquired during the ordinary / corrective maintenance phase with the aid of ad hoc instrumentation (thermal camera and camcorder on drone, thermal camera, IV meters, rigidity, test tester, etc.);
  • remote monitoring, , is the daily monitoring activity that, through the monitoring system, our technicians perform to identify malfunctions and / or faults and acquire statistical data;

The O & M services offered by Gaia Energy can include the following activities, which can be purchased under a single maintenance contract:

Help Desk: telephone assistance for all the needs of a system aimed at solving the problem remotely

Remote monitoring: : daily monitoring of the system status and its correct functionality

Availability: call availability on non-working days

Performance Analysis: Verification of the correct operation of the system by means of thermographic analysis, with the help of a certified drone, and calculation of the instant performance ratio

Maintenance report: detailed report of the maintenance interventions carried out and the possible improvement actions to be implemented

System shutdown alert: : system shutdown and / or stationary shutdown by sending email / sms to the system contacts

Stock Management: storage and management of the main spare parts

Module cleaning: washing modules with hovercraft method (fast movements of the machine suspended on a cushion of air to avoid any risk of abrasion, scratching or breaking of the washed surface) using pure demineralized water at controlled pressure, warm at 45 ° -65 °, ph 7, and no use of chemical added to avoid any opacification of the washed glasses; the intervention involves the thorough cleaning of the interstices of the frames

Visual inspection of the photovoltaic field (* Homage before the Offer): general control with the aid of a drone and digital video equipment for verification on the glass integrity module; absence of defects on the electrical connections of the cells; integrity of EVA sealant material

Verification of electrical connections (* Homage before the Offer): ): tightening check; Strength and string currents uniformity control; Verification of anchorage points fixing; check status of cables and terminals; verification of tightening and control of field and parallel panels and relative overvoltage arresters

Control of support structures (* Homage before the Offer): absence of impacts and corrosion; Check galvanized coating; Absence of water deposits

Inverter maintenance: Cleaning the air filters; verification of tightening; ventilation and conditioning system control; visual check of earth contacts and electrical contacts; verification of structural integrity; reading log events and faults, we also ask you to report that we are exclusive ABB Power One Service Partners in our. areas of expertise

Cabinet integrity and correct indication of the instruments present; efficiency of maneuvering organs; verification of tightening;