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27 October 2017

SEU Project with an ESCO perspective

In recent years there has been much talk about the SEU projects in Esco. What is it? Let’s take a closer look at this important service.

What is a SEU project with an ESCO perspective

The service consists in reselling the electricity produced by a photovoltaic system that ESCO (Gaia Energy) will make at its own expense at the customer’s site, at more competitive prices than the market ones. The sale of energy together with the
the advantages guaranteed by the SEU regulations guarantee over time the return and the the profitability of the operation carried out.

The benefits of a SEU project with an ESCO perspective

The customer will benefit from part of this advantage by paying immediately the energy absorbed by the ESCO with a discount of up to 30% compared to current market prices and, at at the end of the management period of the ESCO, acquiring a photovoltaic plant with a residual useful life over 15 years.

Joining the SEU Project means immediately obtaining a reduction in energy costs, generated by the purchase at a discounted price of the energy produced by the photovoltaic plant without any investment, and by the acquisition of the free photovoltaic plant at the end of the year  Gaia Energy.

To whom it is addressed

To all those companies that need to reduce energy costs, but do not want to distract resources and time from production activity.

To all those companies that have constant electricity consumption

The minimum requirements

Minimum plant size: 300 kWp

Minimum usable area: 2000 / 2500sqm

SEU, what are they

The Efficient Systems of Utilities and the Existing Systems Equivalent to Efficient Systems of Utilities (SEU and SEESEU) are part of the Simple Systems of Production and Consumption, which are constituted by all the electrical systems, directly or indirectly connected to the public network, to the internal of which the transport of electricity for the delivery to the consumer units that constitute them is not configured as transmission and / or distribution activity, but as an activity of energy self-supply. These systems are characterized by the presence of at least one production plant and a consumption unit, directly connected to each other through a private connection without obligation of connection to third parties and connected, directly or indirectly, via at least one connection point, to the public network .

Esco, what they are

The Energy Service Companies (also called ESCo) ) are companies that carry out interventions aimed at improving energy efficiency, taking the risk of the initiative and freeing the final customer from any organizational and investment burden. The economic savings obtained are shared between the ESCO and the end customer with different types of commercial agreement