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Assistance and Telecontrol

Investing in clean energy production implants not only represents a valid alternative to traditional investments like real estate or the stock market, but also guarantees return rates above average. At the same time it makes the invested capital “work”, contributing to the production of clean energy. Everything works best if the system is kept in perfect efficiency conditions, and this is why we, in Gaia Energy, offer our customers an incredibly effective assistance and maintenance service.

Our assistance includes inspections and detailed checks on all system components. Using advanced technologies such as the “thermal camera”, an instrument that allows us to measure the temperature of specific parts of the system, we are able to diagnose the preservation status or the occasional need for substitution of some worn out components, thus guaranteeing the energy efficiency of the entire system.

Through Gaia Connect, our telecontrol system, we can also offer an exclusive remote diagnostic service for the system, which represents an extremely valid tool to monitor the rendering of each single system connected to our operation center, 24/7, 365 days a year. Thanks to this monitoring system developed by us, based on the real needs of our customers, we are able to foresee with great advance any emergency call. This way we can manage all the possible threats to the energy yield of a system in a fast and to-target way.

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