We offer different maintenance service packages designed for each customer and for each type of system, in order to guarantee a correct and long-lasting functioning.
Our organization and professionalism is able to minimize the economic losses due to accidental downtime, guaranteeing short restoration times.
Gaia Energy is also reengineering.
The reengineering process carried out by our experts is able to make the energy production of the plant more efficient, reducing to the minimum the costs to obtain it.


Gaia Energy is the best choice in the world of renewable energy because it never leaves its customers alone.

Our experts will find the solution that best suits the needs of your company or your home.
Energy efficiency is our primary objective: this is why we will analyze your consumption, we will show you how to optimize it and plan the system tailored to you.
Those who choose our solution will be supported in the choice of the product, guided during the bureaucratic process, supported in the financing of the plant and followed for its maintenance.



Gaia Energy' consultant team is constantly at the customer's side, to find the solution that best suits their needs.

For this reason we offer the Energy Audit or Energy Diagnosis service. It is a systematic, documented and periodic analysis, which measures the energy efficiency of a building, and which includes the drafting of the energy certificate, a document governed by a series of legislative norms.
The Energy Audit is the starting point for identifying solutions tailored to each client, from the company to the individual home, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and satisfaction.


Many photovoltaic systems are not optimized, they are poorly performing or have operational problems, but thanks to our solutions they can become efficient again.

The motivations are many: old technologies, reference installers no longer on the market, producers that no longer exist. There are many plants that, thanks to the dynamics of the market, have been abandoned for a long time, non-functional or poorly performing.
Gaia specializes in the revamping technique, by replacing system portions, spreading the cost of the intervention over the entire duration of the maintenance contract.
Our revamping interventions can be carried out both on private and industrial plants.


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