Gaia Energy integral code of Ethics

Gaia Energy is a company belonging to the SHS Silvestre Holding e Servizi SRL group, of which it shares the objectives and principles, especially those regarding environment and territory protection, sharing green policies for the production of electrical and thermal energy using wind, biomass, solar and hydroelectric power.

Our code of ethics originated in this context and is inspired by the protection of the company and group’s reputation, as they are an essential, immaterial source to make our internal activities effective, and those performed for others fair and efficient.

Promotion and formation of human resources, care for the company’s assets and for the promotion of interests shared by the collectivity and, most of all, as mentioned above, protection of the environment and sensibilization towards the adoption of renewable energy are all tools to sustain and optimize  the Planet’s resources.

Gaia Energy SRL, complying with the SHS group policies, promotes the actual observance of a Code that expresses its commitment and ethical responsibilities taken upon in the handling of all company business and activities.

The code of ethics adopted by Gaia Energy has given the company a start towards the compliance with Law prescriptions, of which the code of ethics constitutes a section.

With this purpose, an internal surveillance committee was established. The committee operates jointly and in full syntony with the Surveillance Body, social institutions, management, employees and collaborators to any title, of which the legal area responsible is in charge.

Gaia Energy entire code of ethics: code of ethics


Legal area manager

Attorney Marianna QUARANTA

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